Mini Magic helps beyond words

People and animals suffer in some form or another in the day and age we’re in. Finding non-invasive approaches I’d getting harder. Family got hurt in an accident and the spinal disc is bulging causing pain. The dog has a damaged back due to the accident as a pup. Using both of them has reduced… Read More »

Magic Pro makes me feel better

Since the first time I laid on my Magic Pro Mat, listening to brands of music, I felt so relaxed that my body seemed very light and I could feel every sensation, like pleasant waves through my body, flushing out negativity. Every day, I can’t wait to go back to lying down on the mat to feel… Read More »

Ray Gun Healing

I love this device because it works great. I have helped myself with various skin spots. And my husband had a few issues that have cleared up. – Toni. M

Mini Magic helped with my glaucoma

I use the Mini Magic when travelling and it is very handy. I have glaucoma and had done acupuncture around the eyes to bring in more blood flow. This has the same effect without the needles. The tiredness goes away in my eyes and it supports the other things I do to retain my eyesight.… Read More »

Grateful Device

It’s amazing what Magic Pro can do for an aging body! Energy renewal via cell stimulation plus application of audio frequencies (even music) directly unto the body results in immediate and very effective healing. Amazing! – Wolfgang B