I love my Mini Magic

“I love my Mini Magic. I have extensive nerve damage and osteoarthritis due to a contaminated childhood polio vaccine. I’ve experienced moderate to severe pain for years. This device is the first that truly helps. I’m fascinated by the science behind its development. I spend hours daily managing nerve pain, especially in my feet, which… Read More »

Ultimate PEMF Kit

“Both products are excellent. I can’t wait to get home and use the Magic Pro. I always feel calm and relaxed. I have been using the mini Magic for elbow pain for a few days. I can feel it getting better. Wonderful.” — Zoltan K.

My Tinnitus Has Disappeared After Using Mini Magic

“I have the MiraMate Mini Magic, and I’ve had interesting results with it. Recently, I started experiencing Tinnitus in my right ear. I wear rechargeable hearing aids. I used the Mini Magic’s single coils, stacked, on my right ear at night while my hearing aids were charging. Within about 20 minutes, the high-pitched tinnitus sound… Read More »

Mini Magic Does What It Says

“I opened the nice little package and easily put everything together. I worried it might be too good to be true! Using a handy battery and plugging it in, I was even more amazed by how I almost forgot the small magnetic pulse on my hip. Then, as the pain faded, I realized that ‘Mini… Read More »