A Miracle!

I am so glad I bought the PEMF kit. I suffered from arthritic pain in my neck, back and shoulders. Ever since I started sleeping on the big mat, my pain was gone, and my sleep quality improved significantly. I noticed the difference immediately. And I also use Mini Magic when I’m not at home.… Read More »

10/10 to MiraMate

I used Mini Magic to treat both of my ankles and feet, which were ischemic owing to peripheral arterial disease (PAD). I did two separate one-hour sessions (one hour per foot). Not only did the sores on my ankles improve dramatically, but I also had my first night’s sleep without pain in my feet since… Read More »

So Easy to Use

I am really happy with my MiraMate PEMF kit, as both devices are so well made and really economical in their power usage. I can walk around while using the Mini, and the Big Magic pad fits perfectly into the back of my chair for effortless application of the frequencies to all the major organs.… Read More »