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Ray Gun Has Amazing Results

A nasty spot on my husbands’ cheek had me worried for years, since nothing worked to get rid of it. Until we purchased the MiraMate Ray Gun. Unfortunately we didn’t take before and after pictures, but take my word for it: this gun works wonders. And within the shortest of time I might add.😊

Ray Gun Works Well for Treating Birds

Yes. and I have mentioned before that for anyone that has birds for pets, the Ray gun works well for treating bumblefoot, often a problem with chickens, ducks, geese, and even parrots. Actually, any animal that has a soft pad on their foot can get a micro-tear and get an infection, where the Ray gun… Read More »

Big Magic Make me Relief From Ear Infection Pain

I recently suffered from a debilitating ear infection. The pain was relentless and lasted six weeks. Rather than taking pain killers every few hours, I found relief from the pain with Big Magic. Amazing piece of technology that really does work. A big THANK YOU to everyone at Spooky2. Reviewed by Joe